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Tips While Travelling To Namugongo The silent town of Namugongo is situated 16 kilometers north east of the city of Kampala. It is in the town of Namugongo that the massacre of 32 young Christian martyrs was witnessed in the year 1882. Christians from all over the world gather at Namugongo shrines on 3rd June every year to commemorate the lives of the young men. those planning to travel to Namugongo need to familiarize themselves with several key points. The money factor. In Uganda, the shilling stands as the main currency which can be exchanged with the dollar at the rate of 2800 Uganda shillings to a dollar. When bringing in foreign currency it is advisable to use the U.S. dollar, but it should be dated not earlier than the year 2009. One can also exchange the Euro in the available foreign exchange bureaus. Using dollars or euros will enable you to access hotel and touring services at a cheaper rate than those using the shilling. While using debit and credit cards it is good to note that the country is predominantly Visa enabled. MasterCard enabled credit and debit cards are also accepted but at a lower scale. Accessing Uganda. Namugongo can be accessed either by air or by road. Namugongo is accessible to Entebbe international airport, and therefore one needs to purchase visas from the embassies near their countries of origin. Visas are available structured to fit the needs of travelers those who are travelling to Uganda only can get the visa at $50 and those wishing to travel to other countries in East Africa can get the visa at $100. When entering Uganda by road, it is advisable to use the Kenyan route through the two key border points of Busia or Malaba. It is advised to stock up fuel in Kenya as fuel there is way too cheaper than in Uganda.
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Telephone access. Providers of telephone services in Uganda are well established ensuring accessibility. Some of these services providers also have bases in other east African countries. This gives the benefit of using the same mobile network even when the traveler goes into other neighboring countries. Phones and sim cards are available all over the city as the service providers have established outlets. Phone booths and other pay phone agents are also available all over the city and in other major towns.
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Giving tips. How people show appreciation in Uganda is different than other countries. When giving tokens, two things are of key concern. The taxi drivers and other transportation service providers do not expect tips after their service, unlike other countries. Tourists and visitors are always advised to agree on the service cost way before the service is delivered. On the contrary, in hotels tips given on an earlier visit, will guarantee you better service when you get back to the hotel. It is therefore worth noting the tipping culture in the area before going out dishing out tips.