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Some Tips in Healthy Eating and Who Can Help Your body will not be storing calories if you will be eating every three to four hours, according to a nutritionist, and this is because then the body has enough supply of food for energy use. There is no feeling of deprivation and one will feel less hungry if a person eats smaller quantities of food but more often, according to this nutritionist. It is said that a person’s body go into a starvation mode and the body will hold on to calories if the said person will only eat two meals a day. Generally, we eat three meals per day consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner. When we eat each meal, we normally eat enough food that seems to last us 4 or 5 hours until the next time of the meal comes. It is a fact though that our body feels hungry again after two to three hours, and by waiting for the period of the next meal, we will likely to eat more food. We are advised to change a habit related to eating and this is watching television or playing games or doing other activities while eating. This is for the reason that with these distractions, we will have the tendency to overeat. To minimize our tendency to eat more, it is advisable that we eat less at each meal and have snacks that are healthy in between meals. Once you have planned your eating schedule, it is important to adhere to it. Prepare meals and healthy snacks in advance. If you cannot finish your food, you can use it for future meals and snacks. If you are already satisfied, you should take note of it. You should eat until you are satisfied and not when you are bloated. You can feel full faster once you eat your food slowly.
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You should consume raw fruits, vegetables, protein bars, fat free yogurt, and whole grain crackers in between your meals. There are a lot of healthy food available to you that you can take between your regular meals. During each meal, you should consume less food. This will make you lose weight while you are eating at more times during the day.
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The job of the nutritionist is to work in a professional manner with food, nutritional science, and other things like diseases related to nutrition, as well as preventive nutrition. In order to respond well to human diseases, they will also work on improving clinical responses. Nutritionists give information and advice to people regarding their diet, nutrition, and overall physical health. Even though many people would refer to themselves as nutritionists, not all are well qualified. Having the right nutritionist can provide you with the most reliable information.