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How to Interview a Prospective Fitness Trainer Personal trainers can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, or they can be an enormous waste of your dollars. The good news is, you can actually choose. And when it comes to picking the right personal fitness trainer, interviewing the prospect is an totally necessary. Keep in mind that this person will be your employee. So consider your first meeting as a job interview. Don’t be shy to ask questions about the person’s training principle and what actual things they will do to help you in reaching your goals. The following are some questions to set you off: > What type of experience and credentials do you have?
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> What are the motivational techniques you often use?
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> After learning about my specific fitness goals, what type of workout plan will you recommend? > How often will you refresh my workout program? > Do you have present clients I can call as references? This initial meeting is usually free; otherwise, you will have to look for a different trainer who can address these questions before you need to commit to anything. There are many trainers out there with a whole variety of styles and personalities, so do talk a few before zeroing in on someone. As well, inquire about package details like: > What sort of packages do you offer? Generally, the fewer sessions a package includes, the higher it will cost. Also ask what payment options are provided – full amount upfront, per session, installments? > Can I purchase individual sessions? > How do you handle refunds? This is particularly important if you are hiring someone who is connected to a gym. For example, if your trainer is no longer working there, will they give you a refund for the paid but unused sessions, or do you have to use them with another trainer? If you are uncomfortable or unhappy with your trainer, will they return your money? > Do you offer multiple-client training? This usually means a cheaper per-person rate. If you can get a few friends to sign up, each of you can save money. > If I get a package, should I use it within a specific period of time? Make sure it doesn’t expire before you get a chance to use all of the sessions. > What hours are you available? Obviously, you want a trainer who can work within your schedule. > What type of fitness assessments do you perform and how frequently? Fitness assessments such as strength, flexibility and endurance tests, along with body fat testing and blood pressure screening, help your trainer measure your starting fitness level and build an exercise program that is both safe and effective for you. How do you handle cancellations? Usually, you may not pay for a cancelled session if you inform the trainer a day or two in advance.