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Fundamental Dog Cleaning

Being associated with a nice looking dog is almost the dream of all owners. However, taking care of a dog may be a learning experience that needs patience especially from the animal owner. Dog grooming is a procedure that involves the whole upkeep and conservation of the animal’s features such as nails, eyes, fur among others. Taking care of the dog is an activity that can easily be done by the pet owner. For animal who are very much occupied, they can engage someone who can do the cleaning for them There exist a difference in grooming because not all dogs have the same breed. There exist several methods of cleaning the dogs. The following are some of those grooming basics for the animal.

Haircut and maintenance. In this category of grooming, the activity is aimed at developing relations between the owner and the animal. It is considered imperative to uphold a healthy fur for the pet. In relation to what the owner wants, there are some of the given tips in handling the process. For the breed whose hair is long, it is recommendable to brush at least once per day to avoid tangling. For dog whose hair is intermediate, there is need to ensure that they are brushed at least four times in a month. Lastly, for the short hair, they can basically go for a month without brushing, and they will be okay. It is also recommended to do scheduled haircuts at least two times in a month.

Reducing the nails to a controllable height. Sometimes the activity is considered less useful because the dog and the owner don’t like the process. there is fear of hurting the dog as many explain the situation. consequently, it is mandatory for the owner to have a practice in the nail trimming process. There is need for assistance in case where the owner is new to the process of grooming.

Cleaning of the animal. Dog bath should at least be done twice in a month subject to the owner. A tub can help in the cleaning owing to the fact that the place is long enough for the dog to sit in and get a cool nice bath. For puppies, the owner can use the sink since they are small. conversely, during the cleaning activity, one is advised to ensure that detergent used does not come into contact with the eyes and the ears.

In conclusion, it is imperative for the owner to take care of both the eyes and the ears. This areas are prone to attack by infections owing to the fact that bacteria and other harmful organisms can accumulate there. There is need to be cautious owing to the fact that ear disease may arise as a result of not taking care of the dog.

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