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8 Undeniable Benefits of Matcha Tea You’ve probably have come across matcha tea products but never given them a second thought. With centuries of use to back up claims of its potency, you should also try it out because it offers the 8 advantages highlighted next. When you drink matcha tea frequently, you can easily counter the harmful effects that accompany UV radiation exposure. Besides attractive and young-looking skin, you will avoid contracting dangerous maladies such as cancer and the like from the tea’s antioxidants. Your immunity will get the boost needed to keep them away. It is easy to achieve your weight loss aspirations because matcha tea burns calories and heightens metabolism rates considerably. Amazingly, drinking matcha tea will not give you a rise in blood pressure or heart rate that often results with the chemical-filled pharmaceuticals that are commonly available.
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Unlike regular coffee that gives you a high, matcha tea will not, but you will still get the same content of caffeine. There is, instead, an “alert calm” feeling that accompanies the intake of matcha tea, which results from a naturally occurring substance known as L-theanine. That sensation makes you relax but without drowsiness.
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Individuals with type-2 diabetes can benefit immensely from taking matcha tea due to the healthy levels of metabolism that the beverage offers. In addition to reducing total cholesterol, it also decreases the levels of hepatic glucose and triglycerides. The tea also averts hepatic and kidney damage by preventing the buildup of advanced glycation end products in your kidneys. L-theanine is found in matcha tea and is an active contributor to increased serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. Besides better moods, you will notice an increase in your concentration and ability to recall events. In various cultures, the intake of matcha tea has been a revered tradition because it aids in meditation. It is possible to carry out internal body cleansing with the regular consumption of matcha tea. Matcha leaves are filled with chlorophyll, which is an effective blood cleanser and purifier. Besides, it also flushes out dangerous toxins such as heavy metals from your colon walls. For centuries, warriors have used the tea before battle and when training to enhance endurance and boost energy levels. Besides caffeine, there is a host of numerous other agents that cause such effects. Match tea has a pleasant flavor, which is helpful for individuals who shun natural products for their taste. That means that it is even possible to make savory and sweet meals with matcha extracts. You can now access a host of matcha recipes online easily that will help in making brownies, puddings, guacamoles, stir fries, muffins, and soups.