Tips For Surviving One-Night Stands With Your Dignity Intact

Hooking up may be one of the joys of single life, but it can also lead to all kinds of awkward situations, uncomfortable memories, and even some pretty serious health consequences. The young and inexperienced are the most likely to make regrettable mistakes. The following are some tips for people in their twenties compiled by relationship experts who have already been through those years.

First of all, try to avoid having sex with total strangers. Whether it’s someone you meet in a bar or on a dating app like Tinder, it’s pretty risky to trust your safety to someone you don’t know anything about. It’s better to stick with partners your friends can vet for you. It’s also a good idea to spend a little time getting to know the person outside the bedroom before you get down to business.

Even though the impulse to hook up is often fueled by alcohol or other substances, drugs and alcohol can lead to really bad decisions, so avoid them if at all possible. People who are drunk or otherwise impaired are way more likely to skip using a condom. In addition, the sex will be a lot better if you’re able to communicate clearly and negotiate your boundaries. Remember that you retain the right to say “no” to anything your partner suggests that you’re not comfortable with, and you’re also free to end the hookup at any time. Make sure your partner agrees on those rules before you get started.

Another pro tip for surviving one-night stands is to keep your expectations low. Sex is a bonding experience, and it increases levels of hormones that make you feel warm and loving toward the other person. But try to keep your feet on the ground and remember that your future with your one-night stand only extends to the moment he or she leaves your apartment.

A one-night stand is a very short-term relationship, but roommates will be with you for a long time. If you have housemates, make sure to respect their privacy by keeping your date to yourself. Let your housemates know what’s going on, but minimize their exposure.

Negotiating one-night stands can be tricky, but there is lots more advice available. Check out to read more.