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Imagine a natural substance that stimulates a sense of well-being and slows down the aging process.

DHEA is the “super star of super-hormones,” suggests Dr. Wiliam Regelson, an oncologist at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, in the book Super-Hormone: The Natural Antidote Against Aging (Editora Record, 1998). He claims that DHEA rejuvenates virtually any organic system, and so “improves well-being, appearance and thinking.” The adrenal gland is responsible for the production of DHEA. In fact, the cascade of adrenal hormone begins with cholesterol, the raw material for the brain hormone pregnenolone. The pregnenolone is then transformed into DHEA. DHEA serves as the raw material for the manufacture of all other important hormones secreted by the adrenal gland – including the stress hormone cortisol. DHEA is the most abundant hormone in the human body, but production peaks in its mid-twenties. From then on, the older we get, the more DHEA drops. By age 40, the body produces half of DHEA it produced before. At age 65, production drops to 10-20{8fa2ae09927fce0621ba35720fb5066978d7b3e4588f49b1876f6b3bcd37fa33} of the ideal quantity. At 80, it falls to less than 5{8fa2ae09927fce0621ba35720fb5066978d7b3e4588f49b1876f6b3bcd37fa33} of the ideal level. Click DHEA comprar for the purchase of one of the best DHEA in the United States.

Due to the comprehensive effects of DHEA, the decline of its production is felt everywhere in all systems, organs and tissues of the body. The immune system is especially sensitive to lower production of DHEA, opening the doors not only to viruses, bacteria and other microbes but also to free radicals and the Pandora’s box of degenerative diseases caused by them. Several studies suggest that the lower the person’s DHEA level, the greater the risk of death from aging-related diseases. In a study conducted by Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, a leading hormone researcher, physician, professor and head of … Read More ...

Knowing The Signs Can Keep You Alive

Surprisingly, there are millions of men every year who have no idea of what to look for when it comes to prostate cancer. Prostate cancer has been known to be one of the most common cancers in the entire country diagnosed in men specifically. Sadly, there are many men who also end up fighting prostate cancer and its later stages and end up losing their lives. According to the American Cancer Society, statistics show that approximately more than 31,620 men in the United States of America will sadly end up losing their lives to battling prostate cancer. Statistics also show that about 1 in 9 men will end up becoming diagnosed with prostate cancer during his entire lifetime. Prostate cancer is also surprisingly the second leading cause of men dying in the United States. What many men don’t realize is that there are many different things that you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent prostate cancer from controlling your life. The first thing is to prevent prostate cancer from reaching its later stages. Knowing the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer ahead of time can definitely help you catch prostate cancer early for a successful treatment.

Knowing some of the common signs and symptoms of prostate cancer is critical to discovering this disease early. Referring to information from, some of the common symptoms of prostate cancer include the following: having to urinate frequently, blood in your urine, erectile dysfunction, pain or burning during urination, discomfort while you are sitting, an interrupted urine flow, straining to empty your bladder, an enlarged prostate and many other symptoms. Of course, the symptoms will vary with every man depending on the severity of your condition. This is why it is critical to consider getting regular screening if you … Read More ...

Keep Your Child Safe from Bitter Winter Illnesses

The leaves may be falling now but make no mistake Jack Frost will soon be knocking at the door. Time to pull out the winter coats, fuzzy sweaters, colorful mittens, toboggans, thick socks and boots. This is when parents prepare, for the battle of keeping kids safe, from the horrible germs, that can easily invade those little bodies. The conversations about not sharing clothes, covering the mouth and always wash your hands, are the best start to teaching the little ones, how to not get sick. Unfortunately, it will happen, and it all starts with a little sniffle. 

Winter can bring forth the worst and scariest of illness in children. It is best to know what to look for. Education is the best tool to prepare for the worst. However, you can always ask any professional
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The Common Cold 

This is an easy one, but still a viral infection. The cold includes a cough, with a possible low-grade fever. These symptoms could appear to get worse after 3 to 5 days but should never last more than 7 to 10 days. 


This is like the cold’s big brother, a nasty respiratory viral infection that can wreak havoc on a little body. This cough is usually accompanied with nasal congestion and a low-grade fever and could, develop a bit of wheezing. If symptoms such as breathing problems or possible dehydration begin to occur, you can seek help professional medical advice from the pediatrician. 


Of course, this illness is commonly called “The
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