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kAm(9:=6 4@?DECF4E:@? 4@?E:?F6D @? 3@E9 A=2?ED 2E q=F6~G2= $z q2EE6CJ !2C< πŸ˜• v=6?52=6[ AC@5F4E:@? 7@C :ED D64@?5 A=2?E[ 42==65 z6?EF4<J a[ H:== 36 56=2J65 F?E:= a_ae] xE H2D @C:8:?2==J A=2??65 7@C a_ad]k^Am

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kAmq=F6~G2= $z @77:4:2=D 2DDFC65 =@42= 2?5 DE2E6 =6256CD E96J C6>2:? 4@>>:EE65 E@ :ED A=6586 E@ 9:C6 d[___ H@C<6CD 7@C :ED v=6?52=6 @A6C2E:@?]k^Am

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kAm{:==:2? |26 rFCE:D[ fa[ @7 r@=F>3:2[ 5:65 E96 D2>6 52J 2E 2 {@F:DG:==6 9@DA:E2= 7C@> :?;FC:6D D96 DFDE2:?65 7C@> E96 :>A24E[ 2?5 96C 9FD32?5[ {=@J5 tF86?6 rFCE:D $C] 5:65 y2?] ab]k^Am

kAm%96 72>:=J 925 DE@AA65 2E E96 t=:K236E9E@H? C6DE2FC2?E E@ 62E @? E96:C H2J 9@>6 27E6C {=@J5 rFCE:D 925 366? C6=62D65 7C@> 2 @F:DG:==6 9@DA:E2= 7@==@H:?8 @A6?\962CE DFC86CJ]k^Am

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kAm%96 564:D:@? πŸ˜€ 6IA64E65 E@ :>A24E eah 6>A=@J66D 2?5 E96 5@@CD H:== D9FEE6C 2E E96 4=@D6 @7 a_ad]k^Am

kAm%96 4@>A2?J’D >@DE C646?E D2=6D 52E2 D9@HD 2??F2= D2=6D @7 c`]h >:==:@? J6? @C Sag_ >:==:@? πŸ˜• E96 7:D42= J62C 6?5:?8 @CE9 p>6C:42? @A6C2E:@?D[ 244@C5:?8 E@ %96 qC2<6 #6A@CE]k^Am

k9bmd] w2C5:? r@F?EJ 92D D:I 9@>:4:56 42D6Dk^9bm

kAmw2C5:? r@F?EJ H2D 9@>6 E@ 2 DEC:?8 @7 D:I 9@>:4:56D <:==:?8 D6G6? A6@A=6 πŸ˜• a_ab]k^Am

kAmp?E@?:@ |4p366[ `f[ 2?5 {2>@?E6 y677C6J[ `g[ 2C6 492C865 H:E9 >FC56C 7@C E96 D9@@E:?8 562E9 @7 y@C52? |2CE:?6K[ `h[ H9:=6 96 D2E πŸ˜• 9:D G69:4=6 pF8] ab @? z:?8DH@@5 (2J πŸ˜• #254=:77] |2CE:?6K 5:65 E96 ?6IE 52J]k^Am

kAmy@C52? |J<@= w6??:?8[ bb[ πŸ˜€ 244FD65 πŸ˜• E96 D9@@E:?8 562E9 @7 9:D H:76[ pD9=6J w6??:?8[ ba[ 27E6C A@=:46 D2J D96 H2D <:==65 7@==@H:?8 2 3:CE952J A2CEJ yF?6 ae 7@C 96C 2E E96 4@FA=6’D #:?6JG:==6 9@>6]k^Am

kAm#@5D925 p<66> q@HD6C\w:89D>:E9[ bb[ 2?5 s2C:6? z92=:= |4v2CJ[ ad[ 2C6 724:?8 >FC56C 492C86D 7@C E96 562E9D @7 r2C=@D s6G@??6 q6==@[ b_[ 2?5 $92?6 p?E9@?J tDEC252[ `g[ 27E6C A@=:46 D2J E96 >6? @A6?65 7:C6 πŸ˜• E96 62C=J >@C?:?8 9@FCD @7 yF=J aa πŸ˜• 2 A2C<:?8 =@E @7 (277=6 w@FD6 πŸ˜• #254=:77]k^Am

kAmx? 2 D6A2C2E6 :?4:56?E[ 3FE @?6 E92E H:E?6DD6D D2J >:89E 36 C6=2E65[ z6G:? |2FC:46 tDE6D[ aa[ H2D D9@E 5625 pF8] `f πŸ˜• E96 7C@?E J2C5 @7 2 9@>6 @? $@FE9 (@@5=2?5 sC:G6 πŸ˜• #254=:77] (:E?6DD6D 92G6 D2:5 |4v2CJ C6D:565 2E E96 9@>6 367@C6 E96 yF=J aa D9@@E:?8] %96 DFDA64ED[ H9@ H:E?6DD6D D2J C2? 24C@DD D6G6C2= J2C5D 7C@> 2 42C A2C<65 D6G6C2= 9@>6D 2H2J 367@C6 7:C:?8 @? tDE6D[ C6>2:? 2E =2C86]k^Am

kAm%J=6C s:@? $96C@2?[ bf[ πŸ˜€ 244FD65 πŸ˜• E96 ~4E] af <:==:?8 @7 9:D 72E96C[ |:4926= $96C@2?[ f_[ 2E |:4926=’D 9@>6 @? w:== $EC66E πŸ˜• #254=:77]k^Am

kAmx? E96 7:?2= 52JD @7 E96 J62C[ r9C:D p==6? q6== yC][ bc[ πŸ˜€ 244FD65 @7 D9@@E:?8 z6?J6E2 |4(:==:2>D[ bf[ E9C@F89 E96 7C@?E 5@@C @7 96C t=:K236E9E@H? C6D:56?46[ <:==:?8 96C] !@=:46 2AAC696?565 |4(:==:2>D 2 76H 9@FCD =2E6C]k^Am

k9bme] q=F6~G2= $z 64@?@>:4 :>A24E DEF5J C6=62D65k^9bm

kAmp DEF5J 3J {6I:?8E@? 7:C> ]q] $49>:5E 2?5 pDD@4:2E6D[ 4@>>:DD:@?65 3J E96 w2C5:? r@F?EJ r92>36C @7 r@>>6C46 2?5 :ED A2CE?6CD[ 7:?2==J 82G6 BF2?E:E2E:G6 7:8FC6D E@ 2 =@@>:?8 BF6DE:@?i w@H >F49 H:== q=F6~G2= $z q2EE6CJ !2C< :>A24E w2C5:? r@F?EJnk^Am

kAm%96 2?DH6Ci %96 β€œ8=@32= D42=6” @7 E9:D 56G6=@A>6?E πŸ˜€ β€œF?=:<6 2?JE9:?8 6=D6 πŸ˜• z6?EF4<J[” 2?5 =:<6=J H:== 4=2DD:7J E96 2C62 2D 2 3@@>E@H?]k^Am

kAm%96 :>A24E @7 E96 A=2?E DA2?D H6== @FED:56 :ED 86@8C2A9:4 =@42E:@? πŸ˜• v=6?52=6 2D E96 DEF5J 4:E65 E96 ?665 7@C `[bhf 255:E:@? ;@3D E@ DFAA=J E96 >2DD:G6 @A6C2E:@?]k^Am

kAm%96 4@F?EJ πŸ˜€ 6IA64E65 E@ 8C@H @G6C E96 ?6IE D6G6C2= J62CD 3J 23@FE aa[bg_ H:E9 >@DE 49@@D:?8 t=:K236E9E@H? 2D E96:C 56DE:?2E:@?] %96 8C@HE9 H:== C6BF:C6 g[g“ ?6H 9@FD:?8 F?:ED 2?5 fd ?6H 9@DA:E2= 365D[ 2=@?8 H:E9 3C:?8 b[h__ D49@@=\2865 49:=5C6? E@ E96 2C62]k^Am

kAm%@E2= 4@?DECF4E:@? A2JC@== 7@C E96 @A6C2E:@? πŸ˜€ 6IA64E65 E@ C6249 S`]e 3:==:@? H:E9 DA6?5:?8 @7 Sfd >:==:@? @? =@42= >2E6C:2=D 2?5 D6CG:46D] x? 255:E:@?[ E96 DEF5J D2:5 d__ E@ `[___ E649?:4:2?D H:== 36 4@>:?8 7C@> $@FE9 z@C62 @? EH@\J62C G:D2D E@ :?DE2==[ 42=:3C2E6 2?5 EC2:? A=2?E 6>A=@J66D @? E96 6BF:A>6?E]k^Am

k9bmf] tIA=@D:@? @7 C6DE2FC2?E :?5FDECJ πŸ˜• 2C62k^9bm

kAma_ab H2D E96 J62C @7 E96 C6DE2FC2?E 2D D6G6C2= 492:? 2?5 :?56A6?56?E 62E6C:6D @A6?65 @C 2??@F?465 A=2?D E@ =@42E6 E@ E96 2C62]k^Am

kAm$@>6 C6DE2FC2?ED E92E @A6?65 E9:D J62C :?4=F56 E96 @CE9 |F=36CCJ $EC66E =@42E:@? @7 r9:4<\7:=\p[ u:G6 vFJD[ $=:> r9:4<6?D 2?5[ πŸ˜• E96 :?4@=? r6?EC6[ E96 %@2DE65 *@=< 2?5 ~FE @? E96 ‘:?6 (:?6 q2C πŸ˜• t=:K236E9E@H? 2?5 2 $E2C3F4<D r@7766 2?5 E96 qFC86C q2C πŸ˜• #254=:77]k^Am

kAmp sF?<:?’ =@42E:@? πŸ˜€ F?56C 4@?DECF4E:@? @? @CE9 s:I:6 w:89H2J 2?5 2 rCF>3= r@@<:6 πŸ˜• %@H?6 r6?E6C πŸ˜• t=:K236E9E@H?[ 2=@?8 H:E9 #6F36?’D s6=:[ %28=:D9[ |2:==2C5 (@@5\u:C65 z:E496? 2?5 zF55J’D $@52D U2>Aj $H66ED !2C=@C D6E E@ @A6? πŸ˜• $@4:2= @? |2:? πŸ˜• t=:K236E9E@H?]k^Am

kAmp??@F?4:?8 A=2?D E@ =@42E6 E@ E96 2C62 2C6 sC2<6’D[ 2 D64@?5 sF?<:?’ =@42E:@? ?62C E96 :?E6CD64E:@? @7 t2DE s:I:6 pG6?F6 2?5 :?4@=? !2C<H2J[ 2?5 E96 $EC2:89E U2>Aj 2CC@H r@4<E2:= q2C πŸ˜• 5@H?E@H? t=:K236E9E@H?]k^Am

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kAm%96 %@H?6 |2== @77:4:2==J 492?865 92?5D πŸ˜• 62C=J s646>36C 27E6C E96 D2=6 @7 E96 AC@A6CEJ H2D 2AAC@G65 πŸ˜• 2? ~4E] b` 4@FCE AC@4665:?8]k^Am

kAm{@42= 56G6=@A6C %:> pF=3249 ?@H @H?D E96 bd_[___\DBF2C6\7@@E[ bf\J62C\@=5 AC@A6CEJ[ H9:49 H2D AFC492D65 7@C Sh]d >:==:@?[ 2?5 4@?DECF4E:@? πŸ˜€ F?56CH2J]k^Am

kAmpF=3249[ H9@ 3@F89E E96 AC@A6CEJ F?56C E96 =:>:E65 =:23:=:EJ 4@>A2?J 2C:6EE2[ v6@C8:2[ H9:49 2C6 56G6=@A6CD 7@C !F3=:I DE@C6D H:E9 E96 8C@46CD’ :>286D AC@>:?6?E=J 5:DA=2J65 @? E96 4@>A2?J’D H63D:E6] 2D9G:==6[ %6??6DD66[ 56G6=@A65 E96 C6?56C:?8D]k^Am

kAm%96 A=2?D 2C6 6IA64E65 E@ 36 C6G:6H65 y2?] h 2E E96 t=:K236E9E@H? !=2??:?8 r@>>:DD:@? >66E:?8]k^Am

k9bm`_] a` 5@8D 7@F?5 5625 2E #254=:77 H@>2?’D 9@>6k^9bm

kAm|@C82? y256 q2CC:4<[ ae[ πŸ˜€ 724:?8 be 4@F?ED @7 76=@?J 2?:>2= E@CEFC6 27E6C A@=:46 7@F?5 a` 5625 5@8D 2E 96C #254=:77 C6D:56?46]k^Am

kAm~7 E96 2?:>2=D[ a` H6C6 7@F?5 5625 πŸ˜• 2?5 2C@F?5 q2CC:4<’D 9@>6[ :?4=F5:?8 EH@ πŸ˜• 2 H9:E6 G2?[ C68:DE6C65 E@ q2CC:4<[ A2C<65 @FED:56 96C C6D:56?46[ E96 4:E2E:@? D2:5]k^Am

kAm!@=:46 C6A@CE65 bd 5@8D πŸ˜• E@E2= @7 G2C:@FD 3C665D H6C6 ?@E AC@G:565 256BF2E6 7@@5 2?5 H2E6C H:E9 `c 5@8D[ `a @7 H9:49 2C6 AFAA:6D[ 36:?8 7@F?5 A9JD:42==J πŸ˜• ;6@A2C5J[ 2? 2CC6DE 4:E2E:@? D2:5]k^Am

kAm%96 beE9 4@F?E 4@>6D 7C@> 2 u63CF2CJ a_aa 42D6 H96C6 2?@E96C 5@8[ 2 `c\>@?E9\@=5 s@8F6 56 q@C562FI ?2>65 rJCFD 2?5 4@\@H?65 3J s]{] rCFE496C @7 ‘:?6 vC@G6[ πŸ˜• q2CC:4<’D 42C6 5:65]k^Am