City looking to finish phase one Enterprise Park work | Local News

During its most recent meeting, city council took steps to finish phase one of the city’s Enterprise Park project.

Council voted 6-1 to spend $193,814 to pay an invoice for materials for the project to include lighting and paving. Councilman Bryan Cameron cast the lone dissenting vote, but did not give a reason for voting no during the meeting.

Administrator Chris Frye said $77,000 of the material cost will be paid from a $1-million state Multimodal Transportation Fund grant, while the remainder comes from liquid fuels funding.

“This finishes the lighting in phase one and a complete finish of Produce Street in 2024 paving,” Frye said.

The Enterprise Park project is a collaborative effort between the city, the Lawrence County Economic Development Corporation and DON Enterprises to create a 10-block district improving truck access into the city from Route 65 and 422.

The Enterprise Park District starts on Croton Avenue at the entrance of the Neshannock Trail, heads west on Croton to Mill Street, south to White Street, up Shadyside Avenue to Countyline Street and across East Washington Street to Court Street. From there, it goes along the rear of the New Castle Area Transit Authority transfer station and back to the Neshannock Trail.

Further work will include improvements to Produce and Bailey streets and Kurtz Lane. Countyline Street will then align with Court Street, where a traffic light will be placed.

“Going along the East Washington Street corridor, a lot of the construction has already been completed,” Frye said.

Frye said once finished, the corridor will be a nice feature for residents and guests to see with paved streets, new sidewalks and beautiful lighting.

For Produce Street, the owners of the nearby New Castle Union Station Craft Distillery are excited for the paving work. Frye hopes paving work, once it begins, won’t last long.

“We want to support them and get them open,” Frye said.

Frye said the labor for the light installation was already paid for last year, but the materials were unavailable due to supply chain issues. He added Produce Street work had to be removed last year to pay for new wiring to be placed for the project.

In other meeting news, council agreed to pay $44,263.19 to FNA Solutions to upgrade the door access system and video surveillance system at the police department station. Frye said the department’s new training simulation machine was installed. It was purchased through a federal Justice Department grant.

The city will also submit grant applications to purchase more blue recycling bins and submit a funding assistance application to finish paving South Mill Street from Division Street to Long Avenue. The north end of the street was paved last year.

A $500 repository property bid from Dominick Grant for a vacant lot on North Liberty Street was accepted.

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