Exercises you can perform post breast reduction surgery

There are many reasons women choose to get breast surgery. Perhaps you’ve gone through pregnancy and feel the need for a little Mummy makeover, or you’ve just never been happy with how you look. Either way, the few weeks after breast surgery requires patience and needs the relevant time for recovery before you can enjoy the full results. For those who are regular gym goers and fitness enthusiasts, you’ll be incredibly eager to get back to your normal routine. It’s important to remember though that just after surgery, your muscles will be fragile and raw, so try not to be too eager. Luckily though, there are alternative exercises that you can perform which will aid your recovery and get you back to your normal pattern.


Immediately after surgery


It’ll be extremely likely that your doctor will recommend not to do any physical activity whatsoever for the next 48 hours or so. Moments after the surgery your skin will be extremely raw and any physical activity is likely to disrupt the overall results of the procedure. You’ll need the first week or so to completely rest and let everything settle.


A few weeks after surgery


The surgery would have likely taken a lot out of you and energy levels would have completely depleted as a result. You should gradually feel your energy levels coming back the more time you take to rest, normally about 2 weeks after. Once you feel far more energised, you’re more than welcome to try a few light workouts.


Walking is always recommended and easy to perform without causing any stress. You can either go around the block or do it on a treadmill on a very slow setting.

You could also choose to use a cycling machine and again use a very slow setting whilst performing your workout.


The main aim is to increase the flexibility again in your muscles as they very well could have become stiff from the period you were resting. You also want to make sure you don’t increase your heart rate too much whilst you’re still coming to terms with the effects of surgery.


Post surgery exercises


Of course, with breast surgery, the majority of the muscles that would have been affected would be around the pectoral muscles. Therefore, it’s important not to overuse them whilst the muscle tissue continues to heal from the surgery. The part of the muscle that would be holding the implant together would begin its recovery process straight after the surgery. This means you’d be required to work on other parts of the body that are available:


Lower body exercises are recommended during the period after surgery

You can perform leg exercises like lunges, squats, leg presses etc.

Light, moderate cardio is also advised. Anything from slow walking to using cycling machines is acceptable

Exercises that work the core muscles can also help as long as they aren’t too intense


Regular appointments are likely to take place after the surgery has been completed. Here your progress will be examined and providing everything is going as planned, your doctor may start to advise that arm and chest workouts can be done. Again, this will totally depend on how well your muscles are recovering and your ability to move about.


There are many surgeries that specialise in breast reduction Manchester based so you’re welcome to consult around your local area the best exercises to do. These would be the general workouts that you’d look to do, however.