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To the editor:

The tourist train rail restoration that was contracted to be done, ready for operation to Tupper Lake by November 2021, is nowhere near complete.

I cannot find the information on the state Department of Transportation website, but the scale of the restoration seems to have has gone far beyond the $19.1 million dollar contract bid.

It would be interesting to hear what locals think will happen when (if) tourist trains roll into Tupper?

So far there have been five trains from Old Forge to Beaver River, including the well-advertised Memorial Saturday train. Counting heads in the windows times two, there seems to have been pathetically few riders.

The 12th of June, contracts for $13 million will be let for passenger platforms in Beaver River and Sabattis and a pole barn maintenance barn at Tupper. Does any of this make sense?

The smell of the ties, belching diesel, incessant bell ringing and horn blowing just does not blend well with today’s initiatives.

Scott Thompson

Eagle Bay

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