Why You Should Avoid a Nursing Home and Stay Home With Assistance?

The older we get, the harder it becomes to take care of ourselves. It’s not easy living as a senior, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to live a normal life. If you’re in the age when retirement is not easy anymore and you have issues that make life unbearable, it means it’s time to get some help. See more about how life as a senior is here.

Most people decide to go to a nursing home where professionals are going to take care of them. Nurses and doctors oversee the situation at all times and make sure everyone’s healthy and well taken care of. However, this is not the ideal situation because healthcare is not the only thing you need in life as a senior.

Staying home and getting some assistance is a much better choice. Depending on what you need, that’s what you’re supposed to ask for, but going to a nursing home shouldn’t be an option. If you want to know more reasons why it’s better to stay at home instead of going anywhere, do read on and learn everything about it.

1. Gives you a better life

Staying at home and continuing to live as you were before is the best thing you can do for yourself as a senior. No place will give you the comfort you have at home. It doesn’t matter how advanced the place is, it will never have your bedroom and the bed you’re used to.

Even if you live in a house that needs serious renovations, this is the place that will always be the most comfortable there is. Elders develop a sense of attachment to their bed and the rooms they spend most of the time in. This is why no nursing home can replace this comfort.

If you want to live a life that is going to be filled with joy and happiness, then you should stay at home. The only thing you can do is to call for medical assistance or some other type of help that will make your life easier.

It may be cleaning, cooking, or regular medical checks and help with the drugs you’re taking. Think about what you need and can’t do without, and call a professional to give you some assistance with it. See more about this here: https://www.healthtechzone.com/topics/healthcare/articles/2020/02/24/444563-benefits-hiring-professional-home-health-care-services.htm.

2. It’s more affordable

When you’re about to go to a retirement home, the people there are going to ask for a significant amount of money to take care of you. You’re indeed getting everything you need there. From food to medical care, but the question is – do you need all that?

Instead, you should be spending on medical care that will come to your house and help you with the things you crave. You don’t have to throw in everything for a professional to organize everything. If you love cooking, and you can spend some time in the kitchen, then why would you pay someone else to do it?

If you can still get around the house, make your bed, take out the trash, then why would you pay someone else to do this either? Instead, you should be thinking more about hiring someone that will professionally handle issues that you’re not capable of.

Like healthcare issues. You’re not skilled to do the things they are. Professional massages, therapy, exercise, and treatment should be handled by someone who knows what is doing. Everything else can be done by you.

You get to be productive and a loving community member

Some people go to church every Sunday. People there know them and love seeing them. If you’re used to something like this or any other similar activity, then why removing yourself from your home and going elsewhere? Stay home and continue doing what you do.

Going out for a walk around the neighborhood, meeting the people you love seeing, playing with your neighbor’s children, or taking care of the birds coming to your backyard birdhouse. All these things are not going to be possible if you go and live someplace else.

These things aren’t available in a nursing home. So, if you can take care of yourself and only need some assistance, it’s best to stay at home. Being productive and doing what you love as before will make you much happier and relaxed. We all know how being calm and relaxed means longevity and health.


With everything written above, you realize why it’s better to stay home and avoid the nursing home ads you see on the TV. Think about what your life looks like and what you need as assistance. If you can take care of yourself in most situations, then you don’t have to go anywhere.

Call some professional help for the issues you can’t handle alone and enjoy the comfort of your own house. That’s the best way to do it.